Bridging the generations

Since you’re here right now you probably already agree with us (and most other reasonable people), that sustainability is the way forward in dealing with wasteful lifestyles, climate change and other important questions of our time. A lot of us suggest that “a gentler living” is a clever way of moving forward into the future. However there are still some people left to convince.

I had a feeling the elder generation would be part of that second group, and this is what happened when I talked with my grandmother about what future dreams of sustainability are to me.

Tove, 27 years: You know what my dream is, grandma? I would love to live on a farm, maybe just renting it from someone. We could have some chickens, be almost self sufficient and perhaps more than one family could share the farm. I would love to run a design agency and a music productions studio from there. People would have to come out to the country side to see me. I would not own a car. What do you think of my future plans?

Grandmother, 74 years, almost gasping for air: Oh dear, I can not BELIEVE you want to live an a FARM. Is this REALLY what four years of university has taught you?! Going BACK to how we lived when I was young? WHAT does your parents say about this?! 

Tove again: But grandma, I’m actually super proud of my way of thinking. This is what the university, all my teachers, and being an entrepreneur working in design has taught me. I feel really certain this is the smartest way ahead – and my parents usually support my decisions.

… And as a matter of fact, a few minutes after this conversation my grandmother willingly agreed that if more people would think and act about the way we consume things and produce waste, maybe the world would become a better place in the end. In other words, this blog project does not only bridge country borders, we also bridge generation gaps and beliefs.

There is hope for the future.

All the best from Sweden


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