“Sustainability is the path to a much more attractive, to a cooler, more technology advanced, more healthy and democratic future”

Swedish summer cabin with flowers

A classic Swedish summer cabin

“Climate change hasn’t been proved. The media just panics, and we all believe it and get scared.”

This is what I heard somebody say this morning. I was speechless at hearing so much ignorance.

A few weeks ago I heard a fantastic podcast explaining climate change. It explains what we can do against it and how bad it actually is.

But this podcast is in Swedish and because I’m not living in Sweden (but in Switzerland instead), nobody would understand it here.

In Sweden there is a radio show called “Sommar”, which means – as probably everybody understands – “summer”. Every day during summer a person talks for one hour about a topic he or she chooses and plays music. I would even call it a Swedish tradition to listen to the summer hosts during the holiday. I’m not Swedish and I didn’t grow up with this program but everybody talks about it all the time when you’re on holiday there. The programme started back in 1959 and every Swede can tell you their own story about it. I decided to listen to all of the talks this summer. (Unfortunately there were too many in the end, but I listened to a lot of them!)

Tove recommended a talk by Johan Rockström to me, who is a professor in environmental sciences at Stockholm University. He explains the consequences that are going to happen if we don’t take environmental questions seriously. This podcast was so great, scary, but also hopeful. Tove already told me once that she thinks that everybody should listen to it. And that’s exactly what I thought this morning when I heard that person denying climate change. I wished he could listen to the podcast so that he could understand how important and serious the topic is.

When I was looking through my pod feed later, I saw that Johan Rockström did the talk in English too – this is so great! Everybody can listen to it now. And you really should! (And hopefully you can also get a glimpse of the Swedish summer feeling. Even if it’s only at the beginning when the show’s music is playing).

You can listen to the podcast here


2 thoughts on ““Sustainability is the path to a much more attractive, to a cooler, more technology advanced, more healthy and democratic future”

  1. Yay! I am so happy you enjoyed the episode Lia. The second best podcast about sustainability that I love is the Desert Island Discs episode with Ellen McArthur that we all listened to together on our road trip in Sweden. So inspiering!

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    • Oh, that episode made me cry a bit in the car! I didn’t realise how great she was before I listened to that. Here’s a link to the episode: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mz6jq

      “Her ambition now is to try to find a way of living the same sustainable existence on land that she lives at sea. When your life depends on it, she says, you realise how scarce food and fuel really are.”

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