Our thoughts go out to you

Our hearts are bleeding for our fellow travelers that are fleeing through Europe. It could have been you or me. It is hard to grasp the kind of reality out there, it is such a different journey. We are all just trying to find a safe enough place to live. I try to imagen that this is happening to me. And in the bigger sense – it is! We’re all part of this world.

Right now I am thinking of how I can prepare for a more long term solution in helping and making a better place for all of us. These thoughts are of course to be continued …

… A way of learning more about the situation and to maybe help in a small way is to read more at the websites of UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross or any other big aid organization. Let’s try to make this world a place where everyone is welcome.



How traveling changes your understanding of the world

The people writing this blog all love to travel. We travel whenever we can and in all ways possible. Sometimes it means physically moving from a place to another, but it can also mean something as simple as listening to another persons story. To me traveling has the same meaning as learning and understanding the world and the people in it. By being brave enough to open new doors and stepping into other peoples lives as a humble visitor we can all discover the workings of the world right where we are.

Being a visitor at the Pantheon in Rome was a very humbling experience. Thinking of all the people that have been there through thousands of years.

This is me being a visitor at the Pantheon in Rome. Thinking of all the people that have been there through thousands of years.

This is why I think traveling in all its ways is so important for us to understand the world and the people in it:

  1. It opens your eyes to what’s different. It puts you in a natural state of curiosity instead of fear for the unknown.
  2. Makes you listen to the stories of others. This is of course crucial for understanding any other person than ourself. Somehow traveling makes it easier to listen.
  3. Puts you in the way of culture clashes. We even expect them to happen while traveling. Culture clashes can also be constructed at home. Once you realized the beauty of clashing for new ideas you will be looking for opportunities to clash with any interesting people you see. It could be your neighbor, a relative, someone from work or just going to an art gallery.
  4. To be the visitor is humbling. This is good for any learning situation. You will never be truly welcomed into a new culture if you come stomping in.
  5. You always learn something new. Even if it’s a short journey to the supermarket there is always something new to learn. Keep an open mind always.